Holiday Savings

We all like to get away for a holiday, so you can arrange to have a separate savings 'pot' ready for all those holiday expenses.

Going away is always nice, but can also be quite stressful! Sorting out the booking, packing, and travelling arrangements all take time to sort out. If you already have money put by for all your holiday expenses, its one less thing to worry about.

The account is instant access, so if you do need the money out for any other reason, you can still withdraw it in the usual ways, but it is an excellent way to manage your budgeting for the year by separating it into its own little 'pot' so you can keep track of your finances easier.

It's really simple to arrange so if you would like to open an account ready for your holiday, just let us know by phone, or post and we can get it set up for you straight away.

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"What you never see, you can't spend!"

Some people find it easy to save whilst others find it more difficult. Our members benefit from the fact that the savings decision is made automatically for them each week or month. Once we have arranged the regular contribution for you it will continue until you tell us to stop it!

How can I take my savings out?

Instructions can be taken over the phone for bank transfers or the issue of cheques, as well as online which is of course more convenient for shift workers. Bank transfers are made several times a day and reach your account by 8pm the same day.

You must leave at least £1 in your savings account or the loan security amount of 1/3rd of the loan balance if you have a loan.

Do I get a return on my savings?

Our dividend for 2016 was 2.25% and over the past 3 years has been a fantastic 2%, much higher than instant access savings accounts at a bank!

Members receive a dividend based on their average weekly or monthly savings during the financial year. Following the preparation of the financial year end accounts for 30th September, the Board of Directors ask the members to approve a dividend. All surpluses after the deduction of operating costs and transfers to reserves, in line with legislative requirements, are returned to the members. This is added to your savings account with no income tax deducted at source.

Can I make one off payments to my savings?

Yes, you can make deposits into your account by sending in a cheque payable to 'Commsave Credit Union' to 6 Duncan Close, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6WL. If you would like to make an electronic bank transfer, please call us on 0303 0402 660 and ask a staff member to provide you with our sort code and account number, before logging into your online banking system or contacting your bank, to arrange the transfer to us. With either method please ensure you provide your membership number to us to enable us to allocate the funds correctly. If you would like to make a payment to us by debit or credit card click here.

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