It's never too early to get your kids into the savings habit!

Many children leave school unprepared for the responsibilities of managing money. Giving them the opportunity to build a habit of savings can help get them ready for adult life.

Whether its putting away regular pocket money or saving their birthday and Christmas money from friends and family, you can help to encourage your children to recognise the benefits of saving.

Whether they think big - their first car, preparing for university, deposit on their first home, - or for the nicer things in life like the latest gaming console or swish laptop.

Open an account in your child’s name, with you as a trustee. Savings can be made into the account in just the same way as your savings by:

  • Adding to your payroll deduction.
  • Making a recurring card payment.
  • Arranging a Standing Order direct from your bank.
  • Cheque(s) made payable to Commsave Credit Union. (write the membership number on the back)