Match Funding Loan

If you are applying for government grant funding for support, via the Fisheries and Seafood Scheme (FaSS), for buying new equipment or carrying out work on your boat, Commsave can help you access the funds you need more quickly.

We provide loans to bridge the gap between you making the application and receiving the money from the grant makers a few months later, enabling you to get on with the work sooner. Then, once you receive the grant money, the loan will be repaid in full.

You may need to go through the Animateur project when making your application, to give you the best chance of success. Then, once you’ve got your offer letter, you can apply to Commsave for a loan to cover the cost of the work you’re carrying out. We’ll set up a loan for you, which will be repaid in full once you receive the funds.

We offer loans up to £50,000 and an official offer letter of acceptance must be received before we can process your loan application.

Our rates are competitive, fair and affordable and all our loans come with a Free Bereavement Fund ensuring complete peace of mind without the added expense.

We'll look at your finances to make sure that any repayments are affordable for you.

As with all our loans there are no set up fees, and if you decide to repay your loan early there are no hidden penalties and no extra interest charges. You'll be told upfront what the total cost of credit will be.

At Commsave, members’ savings are pooled to provide the funds to pay out loans. You'll be asked to continue saving whilst repaying a loan.

This ensures your savings continue to grow, and helps you develop a regular savings habit, giving you the comfort of knowing you have some savings to fall back on for life's little emergencies.

Loans are allocated at the discretion of the loans officers and are subject to terms and conditions set out in our loans policy.