We know that the cost of living crisis has affected everyone in some way, shape or form.

The prices of energy, broadband, water, council tax, food, fuel and more have risen, which is leaving some people in financial difficulties.

We wanted to reach out to you, to let you know that you're not alone, and we're here to help if you've been affected. We have a dedicated team here to help offer any support that we can to assist you through these tough times.

We are committed to handling all circumstances on an individual basis, and to offering the best solutions for you. There are a range of different options that we consider and will always offer any that are available to you. Some options include:

Short-term payment holidays (usually 1 month) - these are to help with one-off expenses or allow you time to seek further advice

Amending your loan agreement - a long-term solution that gives permanent changes to your payment.

Temporarily reduced repayments (usually 3 months) - we allow smaller affordable payments to be made to ease short-term stresses The above options may involve changes to the amount of interest that you pay, and what we report on your credit file. If these are affected, we will let you know during the enquiry process.

You can find all the ways to contact us here, which includes a request for a call back, and we will try to call you back at a time that suits you best.

Are you one of the 8 million households missing out?

There are a number of benefits available to people both in and out of work. Working families produce a guide to benefits that are available to working people.

Unclaimed benefits across the UK is estimated to affect 8 million households, that are missing out on over £16 billion on means-tested benefits.

We've partnered with Inbest, to help you get the most of your benefits and help you to find out the benefits you can claim. Find out more here

Other help and advice on CURight

At Commsave, we want to help you manage your money effectively. One way we do this is through our dedicated online portal – CURight

The site contains more than 50 helpful articles across a range of subjects, from saving and borrowing, to dealing with debt and life events. CURight also includes a Money Motivations Test, designed to help you better understand how you think about money.

All members of Commsave can register for free access to CURight by clicking here

Getting help elsewhere

Sometimes your situation might require specialist support that we don’t offer. We understand that your situation might require more than just help from us as your credit union. We’ve put together a list of external resources you might find useful, based on what our members talk to us about the most.

Depending on where you work there are other organisations that may be able to support you in a number of different ways:

Struggling with your finances

We are committed to handling all circumstances on an individual basis, and to offering the best solutions for you, so you should always let us know as soon as you feel you are struggling with your commitments. If we are not able to find a solution for you, there are a number of free to use organisations out there that can help you if you’re struggling to keep up with your commitments.

Caring Responsibilities

Mental health charity Rethink have a guide for anyone caring for someone with a severe mental health condition.

The Carers UK helpline provides advice and information for carers on any issue including benefits, residential care, the Carer’s Act and respite care.

Office of the Public Guardian protects people in England and Wales who may not have the mental capacity to make certain decisions for themselves, such as about their health and finance. They hold information on lasting powers of attorney and investigate any issues with those applied. This also holds information about registering lasting powers of attorney.

Serious Long Term Illness

The People hub - are a charity working to empower people with long-term health conditions and disabilities through knowledge sharing. You can find resources and toolkits to help you manage a personal health budget on their website.

MacMillian are a cancer support organisation. They offer a range of support services and advice, including money worry advice.

Mental Heath

If you're finding that your mental health is suffering because of money worries, you may find it useful to look at the resources on these sites.

  • Feeling Good App - access to a simple mental skills training programme which teaches you how to calm your mind and develop a positive mindset, enabling greater emotional resilience to deal more effectively with challenges of everyday life.
  • MIND - have a team that provides information on a range of topics including: types of mental health problems, where to get help, medication and alternative treatments. They can also signpost you services offering help and support in your local area.
  • SANE provide practical help, emotional support and specialist information to individuals affected by mental health problems, their family, friends and carers.
  • Mental Health & Money Advice
  • Mental Health Foundation
  • NHS

Age Related

Age UKprovide a national advice line and local advice covering a large number of subjects including money worries and health and well being.

Elder Abusework to protect and prevent the abuse of vulnerable older adults, and to protect older adults at risk of abuse.

Gambling & Addiction

From time to time, we are contacted by members who are experiencing problems with gambling addiction. If you are concerned either about your own situation, or if you know someone who you think might be struggling with gambling, you may find the following sites helpful.

Be Gamble Aware - This site has a list of tips for gambling safely, including information on self-exclusion, time outs and gambling block software, as well as a number of confidential help and support lines. Give them a call on 0808 8020 133.

GamCare - GamCare offers several methods of support, including chatrooms, live chats, forums and even details of how to find local treatment.

Gordon Moody Association offers residential courses for men and woman who have problems with gambling. It also runs the Gambling Therapy website, which offers online support to problem gamblers and their friends and family

Find NHS drug support services in your local area

Find NHS alcohol support services in your local area